Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: The woes of the clueless trying to setup Node.JS and Ghost

You are bored one night, you decide that you should stare at a screen and try to install a blog on one of your servers. You decide to choose Ghost as your blogging platform. You don't ever use Node.JS at work or in your personal projects.

After cluelessly deciding to apt-get install nodejs npm, you might notice that some of your npm dependencies for Ghost may not be installing. Apparently there is a conflict on debian/ubuntu distros that requires node.js to be named nodejs rather than the standard node, so some old npm dependencies fail to install.

You can fix this by using a symlink: sudo ln -s "$(which nodejs)" /usr/bin/node

This basically makes node an alias of the nodejs installed on your system.

You can also fix it by running apt-get install nodejs-legacy, which apparently does the same as the command above.